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Welcome to The "Faces of Veterans" Page

All events listed for the "Faces of Veterans" project are free of charge!  Those interested and/or planning to attend are encouraged to register in order to prevent long wait times for themselves or others with disabilities and/or impairments.  Walk-ins are accepted, but I ask that if you do not register, please be patient as you may not have your photo(s) taken immediately.

Donations are accepted at the time of your appointment, however donations are not a prerequisite for having your photo(s) taken for the "Faces of Veterans" project.  You will not be asked to donate, nor will there be any mention of donations.  The spirit and intent of the "Faces of Veterans" project is to capture and provide black and white images of veterans and their guest(s) at no cost.  If you do choose to donate towards the project, I ask that you wait until after your photo(s) are taken.  I do not want our interaction with each other to be influenced in any way by a monetary transaction.  Please make cash donations only and place the amount in an envelope (if possible).  All donations will be used to further reach veterans across New York State and support the self-funded project, "Faces of Veterans."

Those who wish to donate online, may click on the button on the top center of this page.

If you or a participant have ANY questions or concerns regarding any of the below events, please do not hesitate to contact Patriot Images.  You may contact me by using the "CONTACT" page from the main menu, or by telephone at (518) 350-3119.  

Thank you and I look forward to meeting many of you over the next two years!

To see many of the images already taken since January 2019, please visit the following galleries below.

Faces of Veterans Galleries

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